How Powerful Is Baidu In Comparison To Google Search Engine? Baidu VS. Google (Search Engine War)

Comparison between Google Search Engine and Baidu (Chinese Search Engine) - A Deep Analysis

The Origin:

First, let’s see what Baidu is. Baidu is a Chinese Web Services Company started in Beijing in January 2000. Baidu, literally ‘hundreds of times’ represents the persistent search for the ideal.

What Baidu Actually Does:

Its service repertoire comprises a Chinese language Search Engine for websites, audio files and images; 57 community services, including an online encyclopedia and a discussion forum searchable on keywords. It was the first company in China to offer WAP and PDA based mobile search.

Baidu VS. Google

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How to Earn Maximum Profits/Revenue on a Monetized Mobile App - Analysis of ROI

How to Earn Maximum Profits and Revenue on a Monetized Mobile Application to determined Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)

Opting for the right mobile app monetization options can mean the world of difference between failure and success. Developers who opt for designing free mobile apps also have development costs to recoup. Therefore monetizing your app with the proper options is of paramount importance.

There has been an intense debate between what constitutes the right approach to mobile app monetization with a maximum return on investment. Here are some of the best practices that can help make your income stream larger.

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Microsoft XboX 360 is a Gaming Console having Video Streaming, Social Networking & Digital Downloads Feature - Multiple Entertainment Experience

How Microsoft’s XboX 360 platform evolving into Multiple Entertainment Experience Gaming Console

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is now seven years old and although it started life as a games console, it is now evolving into an entirely different thing. But in what ways are its multimedia facets being enhanced?

This console generation has seen three very different machines hit the market. While the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 from Sony both ushered in the era of HD gaming, with the Nintendo Wii forging its own path with casual, family-oriented fun, it was initially assumed that Sony would lead the way in the multimedia stakes.

This was largely due to the fact that the PS3 features a Blu-ray drive as standard, allowing it to play back HD movies from high-capacity discs. Sony was hoping that this would allow its console to repeat the success of the PlayStation 2, which sold many units thanks to its integrated DVD drive. 

The Xbox 360 lacked Blu-ray support and Microsoft's creation of an HD DVD-compatible add-on drive was made redundant when this format died out. However, the emergence of ADSL2 and fibre broadband connectivity, along with a healthy batch of software updates, have allowed Microsoft to turn the Xbox 360 into a multimedia powerhouse which is actually better than the PS3 because physical discs are no longer popular in an age of high-speed web services.

Microsoft XboX 360

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